Super Fishing Kayak Review and Trip Reports From Pennsylvania

I was very miserable in my sit-in kayak and needed to change ASAP. The pain & being unhappy in the L position made me be ready to switch. 2011 is a different year now….it’s a new beginning for me and a lot of people ask me what it’s called. I like the personal craft experience and portability…maneuverability is what this boat is all about. When you point it in the direction you want to go…your there and on top of your game. Thanks to the W kayak…no numbing pain anymore when out for hours on end. Outstanding product!!! You got to experience it!

fishing kayak on the Lehigh river, PAVery first launch on the Lehigh River in Bowmanstown, PA. What a blast & thanking Wavewalk for the awesome design of the Famous W Kayak..  The river is swollen due weeks of rain. I caught a small sucker but who cares. I didn’t even plan on catching anything.

Today would of been the first annual Lunker Fest on the Lehigh River at this location at 9am but…high swift volume rates and cloudy waters made it postponed to June 4, 2011 instead. So I thought I would paddle around in the river for the 1st time :) to play around in the moving swift water. Very easy and a pleasure to be part of this type of boat. My expectations today were even higher than what I had expected with this boat purchase. I navigated on the Wavewalk site for over 1.5 years, and finally got some dough to spend, and make it a reality.

This is my beach wheel fabrication assembly for the W boat.
I took the idea a little further. I have pivoting telescopic support tubes which leaves entry and re-entry a little easier due to the void area for foot access. I have my crate cooler on the stern and the beach wheel assembly on the bow.

super fishing kayak transportation wheel, PAkayak wheel deployed for transportation, PA
Blue fish caught ourt of fishing kayak - Jamaica bay, NY

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