New, Cold Water and Weather Sections in Kayak Fishing Unlimited Magazine

Kayak Fishing Unlimited, our affiliate online kayak fishing magazine, features regional sections, some of which are dedicated to colder regions in the United States and elsewhere, such as Europe.

Kayak Fishing in the Northeastern United States

The Northeastern region of the United States offers both freshwater and saltwater opportunities, and it’s considered one of the best regions in the world as far as fishing is concerned. But since the northeastern climate is colder for the most part, it’s not as good for kayak fishing as the climate in the south. Therefore, you’d find less kayak anglers in this region.
When fishing out of W kayaks is concerned, many anglers in the Northeast have been switching from canoes, common fishing kayaks, and motorboats to this new type of kayak that offers more advantages than any of this watercraft, both inland and offshore.
This section features numerous trip reports, reviews, pictures and movies, rigging tips, and more, from the region’s finest kayak anglers.

Kayak Fishing In The Midwest – A Breakthrough

So far, Midwestern anglers have been reluctant to adopt kayaks as a fishing platform. The reasons for this are many, and they all seem to come down to one word – COLD.
Yes, the climate in the Midwest is not as warm and nice as it is in the southern states, where kayak fishing is the most popular, and sit-in, SOT and hybrid kayaks don’t offer much to protect their passengers from capsizing, or from cold weather and water.
But kayak fishing in cold water and weather now has a kayak that offers both much more stability than the other kayak types can, as well as better protection.
This magazine, Kayak Fishing Unlimited, has a permanent section dedicated to Kayak fishing in the Midwest – trip reports, fishing kayak reviews from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio” Kayak Fishing in the Midwest. This section features trip reports and fishing kayak reviews from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, as well as reviews of rigged fishing kayaks, and even some information about hunting from kayaks, and stories about motorized fishing kayaks.

Developments in Kayak Fishing in Northern Europe

Many North Europeans like to fish, but unlike Americans and Canadian anglers, they fish predominantly from shore, as motorboats are relatively more expensive to purchase and maintain in Europe than they are in North America. Kayak fishing is still unknown to most European anglers, although some progress is being made in some European countries. However, when it comes to fishing from a boat, most European anglers still prefer the traditional platforms, such as motorboats, canoes, dinghies, or belly boats.
There are kayak fishing clubs in some European countries, but the participation is still small, especially when compared to the participation in the southern US states, and and in other warm regions, such as Australia and New Zealand.
Recently, W fishing kayaks have become available for sale in Norway. Anglers from other countries, such as the UK and Italy, still order these kayaks directly from the factory in the USA. The advent of new solution for motorizing fishing kayaks will certainly help many European anglers to switch from traditional boats to fishing kayaks.

Kayak Fishing in Canada

The climate in Canada is cold, and so is the water in this vast country. These climatic facts do not encourage anglers to venture on the water in kayaks for the purpose of using them for fishing. Canadian anglers still prefer canoes, dinghies, and motorboats, when it comes to fishing.
However, now that they are beginning to learn about W kayaks, and the advantages these special kayaks offer when fishing in cold water and weather is concerned, Canadian anglers are becoming increasingly conscious of the new possibilities they face. This is especially true in view of the fact that W kayaks can be easily outfitted with motors, and thus offer a much bigger range of exploration and fishing than non-motorized kayak offer.

Kayak Fishing in the Northwest

Kayak fishing has its fans in the Northwest, although it hasn’t been booming as in the warmer parts of the West Coast.

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