Kayak fishing in North Dakota – indeed

Does North Dakota sound like a cold place to you? Well, it’s not particularly warm, and because of this fact, it’s certainly not a place where too many people fish out of kayaks.

Motorboats are the craft of choice in these cold waters, but owning a regular size motorboat involves the hassle of towing it with a trailer, and not being able to launch, go and beach everywhere. As for common fishing kayaks, those are not well suited for fishing in cold water and weather, because they don’t provide passengers with adequate protection from the elements.
Mike is a avid bass fisherman, and both he and his wife didn’t feel like getting a motorboat, so they purchased a W500 –

Says Mike –
“I’ve listed some items that make the Wavewalk wonderful:
The ability to move your leg position at will
The ability to stand and stretch when needed
The ability to lay back and relax when the mood strikes you
The way you can rig the Wavewalk to your own liking.
The peace and quiet of a day on the water without a motor
How easy it is to launch and beach the Wavewalk
How easy it is to paddle into the lily pads and ambush largemouth bass with topwater lures!”