South Korean Fishing Trip Along The Coast

It’s spring time in South Korea, and the weather allows for offshore fishing trips.
Sungjin Kim He created this outrigger system from foam boards and aluminum rods that he cut and assembled by himself.

Outrigger for motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

His goal: motorized tandem kayak fishing in the ocean, and here is the proof of his success –

tandem motorized fishing kayak in ocean fishing trip - South Korea

two South Korean kayak fishermen in their tandem motorized fishing kayak - offshore trip.jpg


The 2 hp Honda outboard motor easily propels this fishing kayak and it two men crew, at a good speed.

Sungjin and his friend get serious about fishing:

two stringed fish motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

The two kayak fishermen enjoy a mean including fresh fish, filleted on board their kayak:

lunch on board tandem motorized offshore fishing kayak- Korea.jpg

Time to beach the kayak and get some rest:

South Korean kayak fisherman resting on the beach with kayak.jpg

motorized tandem fishing kayak beached on South Korean shore
Sungjin’s outrigger tandem motorized fishing kayak, beached on this beautiful South Korean beach

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