Fishing Kayak Review By Bruce, Angler From Ontario


I’ve had the W500 out for 3 short paddles. All 3 have been extremely enjoyable. No issues at all other than operator error. It paddles well, tracks well, launches and beaches well. Its stability is awesome!
All as advertised!
My only issue (minor!) was at first, when water dripped from the “up” paddle blade into the passenger compartment.
When I get another paddle it will be the longer one, this might help with drippage, and with the width of the W500 the added length will be useful for my style of paddling too.
On my last trip I noticed less water dripping into the cockpit, and I realized that on my first trip I was paddling like I was in a canoe – wrong!
I have a bad knee and can’t get my right leg bent for the riding position so have to use the sitting position. This has diminished with usage, maybe I’m learning the paddling technique.
The quiet and relaxing time spent in the ‘yak was really enjoyable. In our louder, faster, multi-tasking world the slower, quiet approach is truly therapeutic.

I haven’t had the fishing gear out in it yet, didn’t want to get side tracked. I quietly paddled up to several spawning carp, would have liked to have my bowfishing equipment with me but I don’t see that working out of a ‘yak!

I’m definitely not ready for standing yet. More practice needed, but yes, I did consider shooting the bow from the W500 would be possible. Would have to sit down if I got connected to a feisty 25 pound carp!!

Pictures will be forthcoming. I took videos with a GoPro camera mounted on my head, and as technically impressive as they are, they are not what I would want to see on your site. If I ever master standing, a GoPro bowfishing video might be in order.

Thanks for the experience, no regrets!

Bruce Parks

canadian fishing kaayk - front view

fishing kayak in canal, Ontario, Canada

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