Kayak Review From British Columbia

I am very satisfied with the W500 kayak. I am thankful that you had invented such a model because it serves my purpose quite well.

The most important thing for me is that I can ride the kayak “straddled”with my knees bent. I have a back condition that has made the past few years of using a regular canoe painful after a short time out. I must always kneel in a canoe because I cannot sit with my legs straight out in front of me without causing back pain.

I still can use the canoe but am limited to about 1/2 hour before I need to hit the beach and get out and stretch. Your design is much easier on my back and I can easily turn around when I need to stretch a bit. Also being reasonably light in weight and made from a polyethylene material makes it easy for me to get the kayak in the water and then back on my vehicle. A little bumping on the ground is not of much concern.

My balance and comfort level is improving however I wished when the weather was warmer (and a swim was not a problem in warmer water) I had pushed it to the limits. I was content just to go slow with getting a comfort level and now the water is to chilly to risk falling out… 🙂

I have yet to send you pictures because I am almost always out solo. It is quite hard to be out in the kayak on the water AND be on the beach at the same time taking pictures…  .

Perhaps before the snow hits…and my kayaking is over for this year I may get some pictures.


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