Kayak Review From Ontario

Both my husband Gary and I enjoyed the W kayak very much.
I had a hip injury a few years ago and as a result, certain sitting positions have proven difficult. When I used the kayak, it was surprisingly a very comfortable kayak. Sitting in it wasn’t difficult since I was able to move my leg by extending it, bending it and standing when needed.
Overall, quite comfortable. I am not a big person, 120 lbs, and managed to travel down our lake with ease.

When Gary used it, he found it easy to paddle. Getting it in and out of the water proved easy enough. I think we both will enjoy it for years to come.

As for problems, none with the W kayak – only with my techniques. Tend to travel to the left but I’m sure with experience, I will be able to paddle straight.

It was better than I thought it would be.

Claire Gignac

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