Petru Rotariu’s First Kayak Fishing Trip, Ontario, Canada

Stand up kayak fishing in Ontario, Canada

Yesterday 12 Sept went first time for fishing with my “horse”. ;Location: Mountsberg Reservoir / Milton Ontario, Canada.
Arrived at 7AM, and paddled till 12 sharp. Measured on GPS, tracked 7,440 m on water [4.6 miles], max speed 6.1Km/h. [3.79 mph]
Launch was easy; I went with another friend of mine who has Prestige 12′. As speed the yaks are comparable, I went nuts at the beginning when I was struggling to keep up with my mate, when I discovered that I had weed on my transducer and, I was towing half the lake a bag of weed.
My Fishfinder is a Hummingbird fishing buddy with the transducer straight into the water. With no transducer in water the speed is the same with 12” Prestige. W500 has a length of 11.4”. My kayak was loaded with more stuff than my mate’s kayak, and there was still place to put more.
I am still learning to paddle (to optimize the strokes). Frankly speaking this is second time in my life when I am kayaking.
I got the yak slimed with two pikes. I was lucky I think because the lake is full of weeds. It was very difficult to keep the spinnerbait running through the salad.
I have learned a lot in this first exit and I am planning to do many thighs differently next time.
Thank god I did not drill holes in the kayak, there is no need. I am planning to mount the RAM holder on a wood deck that can be removed easily if I am not fishing. The wood deck/pad fit very nice between the tips of yak. I already have one for a fish finder in front.
I think carrying the kayak is a lot easier inside the van than on the roof. My van has bucket seats, very easy to remove them.
I cast spinner bait and grub from the standing and sitting positions. Actually I switched between the two positions when I needed.
I discovered that I need a drift chute and probably I will buy also a trolling motor for motorized trips.
I will mount on same wood deck with rod holders.
Paddling few km upstream is not fun at all.
This was my first fishing exit, 5 hours straight. It can be easy 8 hours if I have enough food and drinking water.
Yesterday was the first time in my life when a ranger stopped me, check the fish and license. No trouble here, I always pay my card for three years in advance.
Safe paddling folks,


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