Great bass season for Michael, in Upstate Ny and Cape Cod

Michael is a passionate ‘bass hunter’ whose favorite bassin method is top water lures. He prefers small lakes and ponds with abundant vegetation, where he goes mainly after largemouth bass.

This summer was very good for Michael in his numerous fishing trips in eastern Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, and Cape Cod.

Here are some pictures he shot from the cockpit of his W500 –

17″ 4 lbs largemouth bass caught in Rudd Pond, NY


17-inch-4-lbs-largemouth-bass (2)

Calico bass



This beauty was caught in Cape Cod


22 inch bass from a pond in Cape Cod



And this is a bass fishing movie from Sutherland Pond, Upstate NY:


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Kayak fishing for salmon in the Northwest

Here is the latest update on kayak fishing for salmon in the Northwest, in the states of Washington and Oregon –

First, here is Chris from Gig harbor who shows these beautiful kokanee salmon he caught in Clear lake, WA:


kokanee-clear-lake -limit-06-2014

Next is a trout caught during a family fun day that Chris organized –nice-trout!

Here’s one of the junior teams that participated in the event:



And here is a nice coho salmon caught earlier this year in Oregon by Greg.


A quest for the perfect bass fishing kayak: Comprehensive review by a New York fisherman

Some fishermen are perfectionist, and they won’t stop trying to improve the rigging of the boat they fish from, or look for other fishing boats if they’re not fully satisfied.

This is the story of Michael, a bass fisherman from eastern New York, who has owned and tested a broad range of motorboats including a skiff, a jon boat and even a bass boat, as well as motorized canoes and kayaks. Eventually, he found what he was looking for – a W kayak, and needless to say that he took the time to test it before he bought it.

Interestingly, after a successful and pleasurable fishing season, Michael decided to become a local dealer for this brand that he’s learned to appreciate for its unrivaled stability, comfort, dryness, mobility, range of travel, ease of transportation and overall ‘fishability’.
The review he published on his website is particularly interesting for anyone who’s used to fishing out of small motorboats, and may be reluctant to downsize to a kayak, for obvious reasons.

Read the entire fishing kayak review entitled ‘The Journey’ >

kayak bass fisherman from eastern New York
Michael holding a 22 inch long bass.
Another good size bass caught by Michael