Kayak Fishing Trip Report From Norway and Sweden

Scandinavia is known for its many lakes and rivers, where Northern fish species are to be found.

This is one of the reasons why Scandinavian anglers spend as much time as possible fishing and camping. the other reason is that traditionally, they like to spend time outdoors, both in the summer and in winter.

This is a kayak fishing and camping trip report contributed by Eric Overdijk, from Rakkestad, Norway:

It was time to go fishing with my son.
After all the positive things that I told him about Wavewalk fishing kayaks, he was very curious. Then there was a 4 day trip on Foxen / Le Stora in Sweden.
We had a nice camp on a small island, where we went out with our kayaks.
There were a lot of fish, we shared the pike, and then I got a bream on the hook, which is pretty rare.

We saw the beaver and osprey, and many other bird species.

We spent many hours in my W500, up to eight hours a day. I had never been able to fish that long from any canoe or kayak.
It wasn’t enough for my son just to sit in his kayak, and he tried a number of positions while he fished. Being able to stand and fish from his Wavewalk kayak seemed like a great advantage to my son.

Norwegian kayak anglers showing a fish he caught on Sweden trip

Norwegian kayak angler resting in his kayak on Sweden trip

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