Kayak Review by Paddler With Balance Disability – The Netherlands

Here are the promised pictures and a little about the findings so far.
I am the proud owner of the first W kayak the northern Netherlands.
I saw a piece on this particular canoe in the Telegraph newspaper, and read it because I have a balance disorder, and cannot surf anymore, like I used to. My interest was aroused.
In early April I went with my wife to test the W kayak in Gouda, and I was so excited that we have bought one on the spot, and that’s fine with me!
Because of its stability, especially with getting inside and out of it, I have the pleasure of paddling on the water, be active again, and recovering.
A great invention and I can recommend it to anyone.
Greetings from a satisfied user.
paddling with balance disabilities, Netherlands

very stable kayak, Holland

This review was translated from Dutch-

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