Excellent Debut for 2011 Kayak Fishing Season in Minnesota

Gary, from MinnYaks wrote the following fishing report:
Opener 2011 was a success! (see photo gallery) Weather was lousy, but that made for good fishing. We caught and ate a lot of crappies, caught and released a lot of bass and northern pike. Didn’t really fish much for walleyes, but managed to catch and eat a few anyway. The W500 was really fun to fish from. I was able to go anywhere I wanted, and was never tired, even after hours of fishing. Trolling, casting, bobber fishing, and fly fishing were all easily managed. We tried transporting the ‘W’ with our ‘mother ship’, our 18′ bay boat. It was too easy! The long run into the wind to the fishing spot took only a few minutes! We will be doing that again.
All in all, I can honestly say that fishing from the ‘W’ was one of my more memorable fishing experiences to date!

motorboat carrying a fishing kayak on board, Minnesota

kayak fishing in the Midwest: Minnesota

motorboat mothership and fishing kayak, MN

kayak bassing in the Midwest

large northern pike in kayak, Mn

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