First Kayak Fishing Trip for the 2011 Season, Wisconsin

This kayak fishing trip report was written and photographed by John Fabina from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My buddy Bob and I headed out for the first time this year with our Wavewalk kayaks. Temps climbed into the 70′s and winds were calm. The lake we were fishing is only accessible by kayaks or small boats. Fishermen that want to access this lake must often cross bogs. Our Wavewalks are perfect for this and handled the challenge with out a problem. Our reward was having the whole lake to ourselves. We were targeting early season crappies. Bob started catching a few and I lost a few. Then I got side tracked by Largemouth bass that started popping my little Road-runner jig and minnow. The nice surprise was the 32 inch pike that bit on my bait and provided a very exciting fight. Water temps on this small lake had climbed into the low 50′s. It felt so great to be back on the water in the Wavewalks after a long winter!

Crappie in fishing kayak, WI

large mouth bass in fishing kayak, WI

pike fishting angler in a fishing kayak, WI

pike caught by angler in a fishing kayak, WI

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