John Fabina’s Duck Hunting Camo Kayaks In Action, Wisconsin

We tried duck hunting today out of the Wavewalk kayaks. As expected the Wavewalks performed great and proved to be a great duck hunting machine.
It managed to hold the decoys, guns, and all the gear we needed for our hunting excursion.
We could shoot from the water safely or easily pull the W’s on shore for extra camouflage.
We were only missing one thing……the ducks cooperation! We only saw six ducks flying this morning.
Hope to try this again sometime this season, will keep you posted. For the record, I would have never tried this in my old conventional type kayak.


Duck hunter shooting out of  camouflaged hunting kayak

duck hunter shooting out of camo kayak

camo kayak for duck hunting

launching a duck hunting kayakduck hunter paddling a camo hunting kayak

hunting kayak in duck hunt

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