November Muskie, Kayak Fishing Trip Report By Gary Thorberg

Late fall is muskie time in Minnesota. They seem to be fattening before for the long winter. (I usually fatten up DURING the winter.) You can catch them right up until the ice forms, or the season ends, whichever comes first. Many fisherman don’t even fish for muskies until now. This nice 40 inch, 18 plus pounder was taken from a small lake in the heart of Minneapolis, a short distance from the downtown area. The lake only allows paddling or electric motors……perfect for my Wavewalk 500!

muskie caught in wavewalk fishing kayak
This fish was only out of the water for a quick measurement and photo.

43 inch long muskie caught in W fishing kayak, minnesota
The canoe paddle is marked to allow for a quick measurement.

mukie caught withjout a fishing net, in kayak

phantom fishing lure caught muskie in kayak
Glide baits, such as this Phantom, seem to work well this time of year.

The Wavewalk is a perfect craft for landing bigger fish. You are close to the water, and can easily steer the fish where you would like it to go. Because of the great tracking ability of the W, the fish won’t pull you around side to side as much as you would think. The fight was short and sweet, with the muskie quickly released without a scratch!
It’s going to be a long winter!

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