N. North Carolina

Welcome to my website!
My name is John Sealy, and I am a Wavewalk demo agent for the 700 series. I am located in Stokesdale, North Carolina, a few miles north of Winston-Salem and Greensboro.

I like to paddle my W700 by myself and with my grand kids, and I like fish from it too. It is more stable and comfortable than canoes and kayaks, and everything about it is easy, from transportation and carrying to launching, paddling and beaching. And most importantly for me, Wavewalk kayaks are back pain free.

As a demo agent I don’t resell Wavewalk’s products, and I don’t take orders from clients, but I am happy to show my W700 to people who consider ordering one directly from the Wavewalk company.
Call me at 336 908-0897 to set an appointment, or email me at inspect@sesnc.net

launchung and beaching my W700 kayak