Brandon Cutter’s Rigged W300 Offshore Fly Fishing Kayak, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Brandon is a saltwater reel and fly W kayak fisherman.
Brandon bought a 2007, F2 W300 fishing kayak for himself (Read more about that boat), and later he got a yellow 2008 F2 W300 kayak for Katie, his wife.

Brandon holding big striper with his 2 fishing kayaks
Two W fishing kayaks and one big striper…Fishing_kayak_on_top_of_SUV
The 2008 W kayak fits upside down on top of Brandon’s SUV, which is equipped with Brandon’ patent pending invention – A user-friendly hitch mount cargo carrier

Brandon rigged Katie’s W kayak in an original way:
First, he mounted a RAM-117 rod holder in the cockpit front. He used three stainless steel bolts to fix the ball mount to the cockpit rim (coaming). This is possible since the 2008 W kayak’s rim is sturdy enough to serve as base for the aluminum mount of a heavy-duty piece of equipment such as the RAM-117.
Brandon and Katie are using the RAM-117 to hold reel rods as well as fly rods.

Fishing kayak with rod holder
Since the RAM-117 has two rubber balls it can be made to point in any direction even when its deck mount is attached vertically

Brandon and friends surf playing (1 minute video)

Brandon also used the 2008 W300 kayak’s standard cockpit cover bungee in a creative way – literally with a twist… He converted the bungee and lashing hooks into a paddle holder that secures the paddle in the ocean and the fast moving salty rivers that Brandon and Katie fish in.
>Fishing kayak with paddle holder
General view of paddle holderClose up - Paddle holder for fishing kayak
Paddle holder close-up. Note the twisted end of the bungee clip

Katie paddling Brandon's fishing kayak
Katie paddling Brandon’s 07′ W300 fishing kayakDeck mount for fishing rod holder
Three stainless steel bolts and a sturdy aluminum deck mount firmly attach the rod holder to the 2008 W kayak’s cockpit rim. Fishing kayak with RAM-117 rod holder
Front view of RAM-117 with fly rod. Note the additional eyelet between the hulls – for the anchor line.
Read more about Brandon’s Quick Release Anchor System.

Says Brandon:
-“I uncrossed one end of the bungee cord and hooked it in the middle of the starboard side. I also bent the metal hook up to create a barrier for the lower cord to catch on. The paddle sits nicely when you pull the lower cord up over the metal hook.”
Paddle holder for fishing kayak - different angle
Paddle holder close-up

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