Fishing Kayak Review By Doug Hord, Offshore Kayak Fisherman, Long Island, NY

Doug had already contributed a short review of his W300 fishing kayak:

-”Just came in from a couple hours in the inlet after work — 1 14# bass. Got a 30 and a 16 last Sat night. I don’t fish from it too often; I might throw a swimmer out on my way to and fro. For the season so far I have around 75 bass over 10#/30″. I’m running second place in the season long New York Surf Fishing contest. I’m totally satisfied with the Wavewalk. If I wreck this one somehow I’ll order another within a week. It gets me access to good fishing areas and it gets me away from the crowds. Only ‘problem’ is I put a couple pretty deep gouges on the bottom while fishing in mussel beds and around rock jetties –

Now Doug sent us some pictures of a special kayak trolley he got for it:
fishing kayak in truck bed, NY
fishing kayak in truck bed, NY

Says Doug:

-”Here are some photos of a cart special made by I use it all the time. Works over rough terrain, rocks, down embankments,etc”

fishing kayak with wheelcart, Long Island NY

This review was first published on Wavewalk’s fishing kayaks blog >>

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