Fishing Kayak Review From Central Massachusetts

I have had a W300 since late Fall 2009, and first used it in the Spring and Summer of 2010. I have been out three times so far this year. The ice has only been gone for two weeks.


I have owned a canoe since 1986 and used it frequently for fishing ponds, slow rivers and lakes before the kids came along. It seems I woke up one day and found myself in my early fifties and wishing to return to fishing. The 80 pound, 18 foot canoe was usually strapped to my son’s car, but was too heavy for me to manage anymore on my own when it was available. I have had some great time with my son in the canoe, but I wanted more independence. I decided I needed a smaller craft and took to the internet to find a stable one for fishing. The Wavewalk website came up in the searches and after reading I decided to purchase the W300.


My experience is a casual canoe owner who has been away from the sport for awhile. My first outing did not go very well, as I also took a passenger along, and neither of us knew what to expect. I then tried it out in our swimming pool to gain familiarity. When I could stand and paddle in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, I was ready. Each time I went out afterwards, the feeling improved. I only had the chance to go out about seven times last year, but some were six hour outings. This year I have been out three times already.

The Wavewalk is a great ride. It is very maneuverable and just the right craft for the fishing I (try to) do. I am able to scootch over small beaver dams like Yoav’s video where he goes over a branch. The Wavewalk is also very easy to get out of, drag and get back into for the bigger beaver dams. The storage space is fantastic. I was out in a wind this past weekend that would have been impossible to paddle against in a canoe. The Wavewalk tracked just perfectly. I find myself hardly ever making “corrective strokes” like you do in a canoe to stay on course. If my back gets tired, I just shift positions. I love standing to see over reeds and to cast. It is also handy to stand at times to retrieve poorly placed lures.

I can’t help but comment on what others have already mentioned and that is the dry entry and exit from the kayak. This is one of the big advantages of this kayak. Yesterday the person removing his Jon boat had to jump into the water with his rubber boots on to get the boat up on shore. I just paddled up, leaned back and then hopped to dry land in my sneakers after gliding to a stop. The ease of the exit did not go unnoticed to the fellow wading in 40°F water.

The Wavewalk allows me to fish with the independence I was looking for. It is a great kayak that I will enjoy for years to come.

Thanks for a great kayak!

Chris Ott
fishing kayak, Massachusetts

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