Rox Goes Kayak Fishing for Bass in a Small Lake in Connecticut, Makes a Big Splash, and Gets a Muddy surprise…

Fishing kayak on the lake , rainbow Reservoir, CTank

I went to Rainbow Res Sept 18th from 1pm till 4:30pm.
They are drawing it down again, to fix the repairs they did last Year when they drew it down in Oct, 2009.
I am praying they get it right this time.

Water temps were 67 to 70 degrees. Wind was on and off, partly to mostly cloudy.

Fished cranks, spinner baits, never threw my dingers at all. Picked up the Drop Shot rod, and it was off to the races.
Not sure how many fish were caught today. Lots of Perch, and Sunnies, smallmouth bass and a few largemouth bass.

Funny thing, I was hooking smallies and right in the middle of them, I got slammed………….But the fish would not come up.
Kept digging in until it pooped out. Turned out to be a largemouth bass, but it felt so strange on the end of my line.
I was only in 6′ of water.
I had anchored up in 5 1/2′ of water, then the next thing I knew, I was in 3′ of water, but never moved.
And a new Island rose up to my left, that wasn’t there earlier???
That’s when I realized, they were drawing water down some more!!!
Time to leave then………………………… I get back to were I slide in………………. And it was new Fresh mud, 2′ of it.


So I paddled at full speed and was able to get the tips of my yak up on the mud, and walked out above the worst of the mud.
Then a voice behind me said… “need a Hand”
I thanked the fellow for helping pull the yak up to my launching point.
The fish Gods will repay him for that Muddy good deed.
I took a video of my slide in, but it still doesn’t show just how steep the bank is, that is until I hit the water…. It Was Cool!

Life is Good!

Tight Lines and Paddle safe all.

Bass caught in kayak - Connecticut

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