Rox Kayak Fishing for Bass on a Cold, Windy December Day, in Connecticut

I took my wavewalk W500 out for maybe its last trip of the season.

Got to Rainbow a little after 11am and was off at 2pm.
It wasn’t as chilly as I thought it would be, but then again I was wearing 3 layers on top and long jons and wool socks.

Bass in Fishing Kayak, CT, Decemeber 2010

Armed with three poles, 2 with 8lb test rigged with a cicada (silver buddy) and a rapala ice fishing jig in perch. The other was a 1/2oz jig&pig. (which I never ended up using) DOH!

I was the only one on the water, one bass boat showed up, but they couldn’t start their motor, and they had no trolling motor.

Water temps were 41 to 42.8 degrees, wind wasn’t as bad as they said it was going to be, but of course, every time I had some action….IT WOULD PICK UP!!!!!!!

I headed down towards the pillars but the temps dropped to 38 degrees so I turned back and I stayed in the north end which was 41 to 42.8 degrees.
All my fish came out of 25′ to 36′ of water.
The Ice jig was the ticket.

Bass caught in Fishing Kayak, CT, Decemeber 2010

I’d let it glide down to the bottom, reeled up 3 cranks, then I would just lift the rod tip, and let it fall back down.

I’d do it a couple of times, then I’d reel up 3 more cranks and repeat, till I’d get a bite.

I was really working the silver buddy when it went mushy on me.
I set the hook, and the battle was on.
What ever it was felt like it was circling around down in 28′ of water, then it went boink, and came up a lot easier?????
There are trees everywhere, and the rig must have been in the junk down there and the limb let free and the rig and twig came to hand!! I can’t make this stuff up!

Went back to jigging the rapala ice jig in 36′ of water after marking a school on my sonar.
Lost the first 3 fish with out getting to see them. They came unbuttoned on the way up.

I finally landed 2 of the school, then they were gone.

Wind started pissing me off, now I was getting cold feet, because I wore my sneakers instead of my boots, I was grateful the wool socks that helped keep my feet warm for as long as they did.
Not sure if I’ll get back out in the yak again this year, the ice may end my yak fishing. But I know one thing for sure, next season I’ll be in my W500/W300 a lot more.
I spent a lot of my season fishing with my buddy on his Bass boat. Though I did have a good season, I catch a lot more Bass when I fish from my Wavewalk yaks.
Remember, be safe out there always wear you PFD. A fall in the waters now could be a death sentence, no matter how in shape you are or how well you swim, you fall in without one, your body will shut down……………………… Please be safe.

Happy Holidays, Tight Lines and Paddle safe all.

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