Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak for Saltwater Kayak Fishing, Massachusetts

In the past 2 years, Craig Masterman has been fly fishing from his W300 in Cape Cod and Florida.
Now he got a W500, and he rigged it to be the absolute fly fishing machine.
Says Craig:
-”What I know is, that I cannot ever remember being so favorably impressed by any product, of any kind, as I have by the Wavewalk W500 kayak. Part of that has to do with my passion for saltwater fly fishing and the degree to which the “W” has enriched my fly fishing experience. Part of it may be that my memory isn’t what it used to be. Be that as it may, I find that I have to consciously temper my enthusiasm for the boat whenever I share its virtues with other fly fishers…

This is a boat with a design that is so beautifully simple and so inherently adapted to stand-up paddle fishing.”

Stand up fly fishing kayak for saltwater fly fishing, Massachusetts

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