Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Review by Bob Smaldone, Offshore Kayak Fly Kayak Angler, Maine

Bob lives in a small coastal town in Maine. Here is what Bob wrote after a few weeks of using his new W500:

I have been out with my wavewalk 500 almost every day, ocean, lakes and rivers, having a blast and learning its operating characteristics. I’d like to recommend this kayak to those who express more than a passing interest.
I have been wanting to send you pictures, but I find it a bit challenging catching fish on the fly, out in the ocean, and taking pictures at the same time! Guess I need to just get better at this! Yesterday I caught 1/2 dozen stripers, some up to 30″, all on the fly, and , of course, all standing up in the wavewalk. Doesn’t get any better!
Will practice on my picture taking.

And here’s an email Bob wrote to the editor of his favorite fly fishing publication named the Angler’s Report, shortly after he bought his W500:
“Just read your recent report on kayaks…thought you may want to check out Wavewalk kayaks. Just purchased one yesterday after researching and trying out both the [folding outriggers “stand-up” SOT kayak] and the [tunnel hull, ‘hybrid’ “stand-up” canoe-kayak] fishing kayaks. Their web site is entertaining, especially all the videos. In my mind, this is truly the only standup kayak out there. You actually walk onto to it, sit down and paddle away. I was standing and jumping within 2 minutes (trying to simulate one of the videos I saw) much to the concern of Yoav, the designer and owner of Wavewalk, as he watched from the shore. Later, we even went out tandem in the kayak. No other kayak has this kind of stability. A fly fisherman’s dream. Period.

Anyway, I am not trying to “sell” you the kayak… just thought you may find it worthwhile to check it out.

Bob Smaldone”

The editor of the Angler’s Report published Bob’s letter.

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