Ken Short’s Review of his W500 Fishing Kayak

Port Angeles, Washington
As a 72 year old who tries to stay active, I have been kayaking for about 10 years and have both sit in and sit on top kayaks. The problem has been that after an hour or so of paddling, the fun turns to a search for a place to land and take a stretch and get the circulation back in the lower half.
Ken fishing standing up in his kayak

Ken paddling his fishing kayak near a ship in the harbor

I have been following the evolution of the W kayak on it’s web site for several years as a possible solution to this problem and the introduction of the 500 really got my attention. The moving sale pushed me over the edge and I sent my order in.

Here are a few photos. On the maiden voyage, the first impression was of excellent stability and all kinds of room to move around and stretch or change position. After paddling around for a short while I just had to try the stand up mode. Initially that felt a little shaky but I found bracing ones legs against the seat firmed things up and made some stand up paddling fairly easy.
Ken paddling his fishing kayak standing up
Ken paddling his fishing kayak standing up (2)

Best of all after quite a long paddle, the ability to move around kept me feeling fresh.

Next was a salmon fishing trip in the Strait of Juan De Fuca. The bench seat or even standing up made long cast easy.
Ken's maiden voyage in his fishing kayak
Ken'swife who caught the salmon in her kayak
But, as usual, the wife ended up catching the salmon. I did net it for her though, and the high seating position and great stability of the 500 made for a successful capture.

This design that can extend the enjoyment of kayaking for us seniors for many years.

Ken Short

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