Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, Alaska

By Carl Williams

“Finally, here are some pictures for you from Alaska. We’re very happy with the Kayak, she’s brain dead easy to use.
We took her out for a few practice runs. Mostly right by our place (Hammer Slough) and Woodpecker Cove.
My wife, Bev (The Admiral) really likes the kayak, and the dog (Critter) is very comfortable now that he has rug velcroed onto the bridge deck.
I’m not totally comfortable paddling standing, yet, but I will get there.

Not much time for kayaking yet, but as soon as I get the mother ship back into full service (2 years of sitting don’t do wonders for a boat) we’re going to be using the kayak as our crab pot and shore boat.
I’m also going to use her for some halibut fishing.

Carl in his standup fly fishing kayak, Alaska

carl standing up in his fly fishing kayak, with his dog on board. Alaska

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