Great bass season for Michael, in Upstate Ny and Cape Cod

Michael is a passionate ‘bass hunter’ whose favorite bassin method is top water lures. He prefers small lakes and ponds with abundant vegetation, where he goes mainly after largemouth bass.

This summer was very good for Michael in his numerous fishing trips in eastern Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, and Cape Cod.

Here are some pictures he shot from the cockpit of his W500 –

17″ 4 lbs largemouth bass caught in Rudd Pond, NY


17-inch-4-lbs-largemouth-bass (2)

Calico bass



This beauty was caught in Cape Cod


22 inch bass from a pond in Cape Cod



And this is a bass fishing movie from Sutherland Pond, Upstate NY:


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Cool summer but good fishing in Upstate NY

This summer has been rather cool and windy in the Northeast, but the low temperatures did not present any problem to the bass themselves.

Here are some pictures of chunky bass and trout that Clint caught in Upstate New York, standing in his Wavewalk 500 –






And here is Nioca, Clint’s wife, showing a 5.5 largemouth bass she caught while fishing in tandem with him:



Massachusetts Saltwater Kayak Fly Fishing Master

Craig Masterman is a experienced fly angler from Massachusetts, who’s been fishing out of W kayaks for several years in New England, and in Florida.

He owns a W500 kayak that he has rigged especially for fly fishing, and he’s talking about his kayak fly fishing experience in a blog he named “Waiting to FlyFish”.

Craig’s blog features some in-depth articles he wrote, and a set of pictures detailing his setup for fly fishing.

Craig writes: “All of this is to say, that when I profess that the Wavewalk W500 kayak is “THE ANSWER”, it is only my humble opinion, based on my own ranking of criteria for what is essential in a fly fishing paddle craft, and my own fly fishing and paddling experience.— What I know is, that I cannot ever remember being so favorably impressed by any product, of any kind, as I have by the Wavewalk W500 kayak. Part of that has to do with my passion for saltwater fly fishing and the degree to which the “W” has enriched my fly fishing experience.”

StriperFest 2010 – On The Water Magazine’s Striper Fishing Season End Party

StriperFest 2010 – the party that celebrates the end of the striped bass fishing season in the Northeast. Organized by On The Water Magazine. cape Cod, Massachusetts

StriperFest 2010 - the party that celebrates the end of the striped bass fishing season in the Northeast
StriperFest 2010 - the party that celebrates the end of the striped bass fishing season in the Northeast

On The Water Magazine’s super party, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Celebrate the end of the striped bass fishing season.