Good season for bass in Wisconsin

John from Milwaukee, WI went on several fishing trips this season. He was fishing mainly for bass, and his favorite lures this year were frogs.





big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (3)
Big largemouth bass caught on a frog lure, in Michigan Upper Peninsula



17 inch bucket mouth bass
17 inch bucketmouth


bass caught on a frog lure
Another largemouth bass caught on a frog in Fox River, WI


John caught some other fish as well, such as this nice longear sunfish –

longear-sunfish-caught-in-my-kayak (2)
Longear sunfish


Nice perch


First crappie of the season

Minnesota Kayak Fishing Trip Report

This is a reprint of an amazing fishing report published on Minnyaks ,  Minnesota Kayak Fishing blog:

Our opening trip of the 2011 fishing season was a success!

Weather was lousy, but that made for good fishing. We caught and ate a lot of crappies, caught and released a lot of bass and northern pike. Didn’t really fish much for walleyes, but managed to catch and eat a few anyway. The W500 was really fun to fish from. I was able to go anywhere I wanted, and was never tired, even after hours of fishing. Trolling, casting, bobber fishing, and fly fishing were all easily managed. We tried transporting the ‘W’ with our ‘mother ship’, our 18′ bay boat. It was too easy! The long run into the wind to the fishing spot took only a few minutes! We will be doing that again. All in all, I can honestly say that fishing from the ‘W’ was one of my more memorable fishing experiences to date!


18' motorboat carrying W fishing kayak on boardGood size northern pike landed in fishing kayakbig large mouth bass landed in fishing kayak - Minnesotastringer of fish caught by Minnesota kayak angler

fishing kayak with mothership in the background - Minnesota 2011
The MinnYaks Kayak Fishing Fleet in Action - Minnesota

John’s Kayak Rigged for Fishing Cold Water Species – Wisconsin

John Fabina, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fishes both in his state and in Michigan.
His favorite species are muskie, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and crappie.
John made this instructional video showing the way his W500 is rigged for fishing:


John has a special talent for camo design, and his fishing kayaks are each a masterpiece of camouflage, in different patterns and colors.

Season’s First Kayak Fishing Trip, Wisconsin

My buddy Bob and I headed out for the first time this year with our Wavewalk kayaks. Temps climbed into the 70′s and winds were calm. The lake we were fishing is only accessible by kayaks or small boats. Fishermen that want to access this lake must often cross bogs. Our Wavewalks are perfect for this and handled the challenge with out a problem. Our reward was having the whole lake to ourselves. We were targeting early season crappies. Bob started catching a few and I lost a few. Then I got side tracked by Largemouth bass that started popping my little Road-runner jig and minnow. The nice surprise was the 32 inch pike that bit on my bait and provided a very exciting fight. Water temps on this small lake had climbed into the low 50′s. It felt so great to be back on the water in the Wavewalks after a long winter!

Wisconsin kayak fisherman caught this big pike

Another Kayak Fishing Trip in Colder Water, Wisconsin, November

The temps hit sixties so we decided to go out on a little lake that is only accessible by smaller craft. This lake can be a challenge to get to sometimes because of the bogs that have to be crossed.

The Wavewalk is the perfect answer for this challenge. We crossed several obstacles easily with the Wavewalk technique. Again, the dry entry that’s made possible by the W’s design is so important this time of year.

The reward was that we had the entire lake to ourselves all day. I thought I would go after some crappies, but the bass kept hitting. The water was 47 degrees with very light South winds. I tried to locate crappie in deeper water and started to get light hits that turned out to be small perch. I started getting action in 15 to 20 feet of water from the largemouth so I continued to fish that depth for a couple of hours and had a fun day. The bass really fought hard for this time of the year. But maybe they always did I don’t know because I have never fished for bass this time of year. the only reason I had this opportunity is because of the great weather and Wavewalk kayaks. The W’s have really lengthened my fishing season.

John Fabina, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

launching a fishing kayak from the bank into cold water
lauching a fishing kayak, and staying dry and snug…
Fishing kayak going over obstacles in cold water, Wisconsin, November
Hopping with a fishing kayak over obstacles in cold water, November, Wisconsin
kayak bass fishing in cold November, Wisconsin
Bass caught in kayak, Wisconsin November 2010. It’s cold!