W Fishing Kayaks At The 80th Annual Northwest Sportshow In Minneapolis, MN

Gary Thorberg and the MinnYaks Team will be exhibiting the Wavewalk W500, which is the world’s best fishing kayak according to people who fish from it, at the 80th Annual Northwest Sportshow, between March 28 andApril 1st, in Minneapolis Minnesota.

When it comes to fishing from boats, Gary knows what he’s talking about:

-”Being a native Minnesotan, I was exposed to boating and fishing at an early age. My first experience sailing was at age 8, and it has been my passion ever since. I have captained many a charter on large catamarans in the Caribbean. Fishing has also been a large part of my life. I lived in the Florida Keys for a while, where I was a commercial fisherman and diver. Our families are fortunate to have owned lake cabins in northern Minnesota for 50 years, so fresh water fishing and boating is also in my blood. Many boats have come and gone in my life, and I am so very pleased to have added the W500 to my fleet. It possibly will be the last boat I will own (unless I buy another W500 for my wife!).”

Gary is an expert on outfitting fishing kayaks, including with powerful outboard gas engines, and he loves to fish out of his kayak. He and his team expect anglers from Minnesota and other parts of the Midwest, as well as Canada, to come to the show especially to see the W fishing kayak.

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More Places Where You Can See A W Fishing Kayak – Ohio and Pennsylvania

One of the problems that some kayak anglers face when choosing a fishing kayak is that the one that’s on top of their list is not available for sale locally, in a dealership that offers fishing kayaks for sale.
This happens often with the W fishing kayak, the hands down winner in practically everything related to cold climate fishability, including stability, ergonomics, storage space, mobility, protection for the crew, and so on…

Until recently, these advanced kayaks were sold only factory direct. Since then the manufacturer recruited several local dealers, and interestingly, they sell only this brand, and no other fishing kayak brand.
Wavewalk has dealers neither in Ohio nor in Pennsylvania, but it makes the W fishing kayak available for anglers to see before they buy in two new locations: The W500 is on display in Kent, Ohio, not very far from Akron, i the northeastern corner of the state.
In Pennsylvania, the W500 is on display in New Berlin, in the central part of the state.

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New: The Real Fishing Kayaks Now For Sale in Minnesota!

Earlier this season, Gary Thorberg, from Farmington, MN, bought himself a W500 fishing kayak, and it didn’t take him long to decide that he wanted to start a business that would resell these kayaks to local anglers and paddlers.
Gary founded MinnYaks, and became the first dealer for Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks in Minnesota.

Northern fishing kayaks for Minnesota
Gary Thorberg - Fishing Kayaks in Minnesota

Gary is a life long angler who loves paddling and outfitting boats – a useful background and skill set for kayak anglers in the state that boasts ten thousand lakes…
Farmington is located at a short driving distance from the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Kayak Fishing In Northern Europe Getting An Upgrade

Robert Borrenbergs, a fly angler, canoeist and kayaker from Gouda, Holland, was disappointed by what canoes and common kayaks had to offer him, both as a paddler and as an angler (the ‘fishability’ factor…), so he looked for better solutions, and eventually found W kayaks to be the perfect one.
He ordered a W500 kayak, and after having used it for a short time, he understood the commercial potential of W kayaks, and decided to become Wavewalk kayaks’ first dealer in Northern Europe.

Robert founded Catamayak, and both anglers and paddlers from the Netherlands (Holland), Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as northwestern Germany, can now get live demos of the W500, and purchase it locally.

Needless to say, that anyone contemplating the possibility to fish from a kayak in Northern Europe, with its cool climate and cold water, is likely to be repelled by the possibility of doing so from a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak, or a conventional sit-in kayak, and that W kayaks are the only viable option for anglers in this region.

Kayak fly angler, Holland (Netherlands)