New light on kayak fishing in cold regions

When most people hear “kayak fishing” they imagine someone seated on a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak, which is the kayak design that has gained popularity in warmer regions. Not so in colder regions, where most anglers prefer to fish out of small or full size motorboats, and would not even consider fishing from kayaks.
So, until people in cold regions get used to the idea that they can fish comfortably from a W kayak even in cold water and weather, they’d still imagine kayak fishing as associated with SOT kayaks, and they’ll keep rejecting the notion that they could enjoy fishing out of a kayak.

Cold regions anglers who already fish out of a SOT kayak or are in the process of considering it could benefit from reading a new article about the design of SOT fishing kayaks >
The article explains the presence of scupper holes in the hulls of SOT kayaks. This most unique feature is particularly annoying for SOT anglers because of the tendency that scupper holes have to conduct water from below the kayak’s hull onto its deck as the kayak moves in the (cold) water, and even when it is motionless, such as when the passenger is casting fishing lines or fighting a fish.
If having water on your kayak’s deck and seat area is rather unpleasant in warm water and weather, it is not even an option when you fish in cold regions.
FYI, special scupper plugs are available from several vendors, but when you apply them the water that quite often gets on your SOT kayak’s deck has nowhere to go…

Again, if you want to fish in cold regions you want to stay dry and fish out of a dry kayak, and your only serious option is a W500.